Information about Sharesson

How it works

How it works

Rent – customer

Sharesson is open for everyone who wants to rent an item from another person. No membership is required. You select in the menu the item you wish to rent, decide with the renter the amount of days you wish to rent the item for, use the item, clean it and make sure that it is in the same condition as when you rented it. You pack the item and either you meet the renter in person and hand the item over or you post it by mail. The last thing you do is to make a review of the renter. The renter will also make a review of you as a rentee.


Rent out – owner

When you want to rent out your item/s you can register for free at Sharesson. As a registered user you can add and publish items you want to rent out. You fill out a personal profile, price and information about the item/s. Add information you would appreciate yourself, for example material, color or defects. Add at least one picture, but feel free to add up to 3 photos/item. This will clarify the look and color from different lightings and angles. Also a good tip tis to publish a lot of items, you never know what someone else is looking for, it could be that tent you’ve had laying around in your garage for ages.