Information about Sharesson


Endless Outdoor Equipment

Sharesson is a community sharing platform that helps people get outside. A sustainable way of having endless equipment.


  • It’s green! Reuse/share gear instead of buying new, that eventually lays in the garage and collects dust
  • It’s affordable. Cheaper than buying new and you can afford to rent expensive quality gear to a fraction of the buying price
  • Connecting community. You will ”meet” people from all over the world and share stories by using the same gear
  • It’s personal. Every member has a profile so you know who owns what. By learning about the person you will get to know the history connected to each gear and therefore be a part of it’s story
  • It’s quick and efficient. By using the menu you will easily see what’s available
  • Interesting selection. You can find a wide variety of products that you might not find in the shops.
  • It’s inspiring. It let’s you dream and get inspired by the personal stories.