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SHARESSON - the recommerce marketplace for a circular outdoor industry.

Our mission is to help people get outside and save great outdoor quality gear from landfills.

To become a Sharesson partner, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

What is Sharesson?

Sharesson is a C2C and B2C global marketplace for preloved and new quality outdoor gear. is a global online re-commerce marketplace of preowned and new quality outdoor products and services for environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts. The online marketplace, including iOS and Android apps, allows individuals, brands, retailers, distributors, agents, and sales reps to repurpose preloved, returned, repaired/recycled, samples, and stock of perfectly fine quality outdoor gear. It’s a place where people can: educate themselves on all things outdoor, be inspired to get outside, find a tribe of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, access quality gear at great prices, and help save the planet one outdoor product at a time.

The Sharesson model includes:

  1. Selling - sell your gear
  2. Renting - rent out your gear
  3. Services - offer your services for a fee

Which one or several models you chose to use for your business is up to you.

What products?


  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Gear & Services.

Basically all types of products that can be used in the outdoors.

Activity Examples:

  • Hiking & Camping 
  • Running  Biking 
  • Climbing 
  • Water sports 
  • Winter sports 
  • Golf 
  • Fishing 

Why you should join Sharesson?

Partnering with Sharesson is a fantastic business opportunity. Here are the benefits and what it could mean for your business:

Increased product and brand value

Sharesson is not a competitor to brands, retailers, etc. The opposite! Sharesson is an extension and a phenomenal business growth possibility. Quality products that are being resold, keep their value because of the resale market. People take better care of their products because they know they can get a lot of money back when reselling it.

Customer introductions to your business

Customers can now afford and access quality goods at more affordable prices, introducing them to amazing brands, that they would have normally never purchased goods from because of the regular prices.

It’s international!

Gives you exposure to new markets and the potential to attract new customers. Many other marketplaces are local or focused on one country only. Sharesson is a global platform. Sharesson offers a global community of environmentally conscious outdoor lovers - giving businesses access to a niche customer.

Do something for the greater good - circular outdoor industry

By being part of Sharesson, you are publicly stating that the environment is a business priority. You are taking a stand and you are doing good in joining the circular efforts together with Sharesson, giving your brand a stronger position in the conscious customers mind. You help minimize the waste and lower your brand's carbon footprint - keeping great outdoor gear in use.  

Rent out and/or Sell

You can both rent out and sell products, you choose. By also renting out gear, you give the customer a way to try it before they buy it. You might want to test out the rental opportunity business model without investing in the tech for your company. As a seller, you chose if you want to sell your gear, rent out your gear or do both.

One global platform - no tech needed

We take care of all the tech and the platform. You don’t have to invest in anything, just take the time to upload the product info and ship your products when the orders arrive.  

Safe and secure payments

We keep seeing the same comments on multiple other marketplaces – “it’s not safe” and “there’s fraud going on”. This was, from the start, extremely important for us. We want you to feel safe and secure when using the Sharesson platform. We want our community of outdoor enthusiasts to trust us and you. Your safety is our nr one priority!  

Offer services

As a business, you have extremely important outdoor expertise inside your company. Why not offer that too. People need to be educated on how to operate in the outdoors safely to best enjoy it. If you have expertise in the outdoor area that you think someone could benefit from, you can offer your services and someone can book it.  

Minimize "lost cost” of returns, repairs, samples, and overstock

A product business has a lot of investment in its product development. But not all products/samples reach the market or “make the cut”. Sharesson gives your business a way of selling these goods to your target customers - minimizing your product costs, bringing those costs back into your business.

Use our apps – iOS and Android

Download the app and easily register, upload and list your products. Follow fellow Sharessons, get notified when new products are listed, and feel part of our tribe. The apps are created to make your experience here at Sharesson as easy, smooth, and pleasant as possible.

Map search for extra visibility

The map search feature is fantastic and extra important for the rental and service options. The map function is there to help people find what they are looking for, in the area of their choice.  

Strong Rate & Review system

This helps you be a better, more credible seller. The rate & review system helps you gain more trust as a seller.

Connecting platform of outdoor community, organizations and products

We are in conversation with several outdoor organizations. We want Sharesson to be the connecting point for a more enjoyable, safe outdoor experience. Organizations can introduce people to the outdoors that have not previously spent much time in the outdoors.

Keep outdoor products in the outdoors

Sharesson helps save tons of fantastic, perfectly fine outdoor products from the entire outdoor industry. Retailers, brands, agents, distributors, sales reps, and services all have returns, repairs, samples, stock, or clearance products that they can’t sell on the traditional sites. These perfectly fine outdoor products are added to the site to keep them in use, instead of ending up in landfills or being incinerated.

Social Network

You can follow and communicate with other Sharessons on the online platform and apps. Join the outdoor community to find friends all over the world.  

Niche site and community

Sharesson is an outdoor community – that’s it! Our global community has one thing in common – the outdoors. No matter their background, gender, age, size, beliefs, etc. We’re enjoying the outdoors and sharing outdoor experiences together!

Who is Sharesson for?

The platform allows individuals, brands, retailers, distributors, agents, and sales reps to repurpose preloved, returned, repaired/recycled, samples, and stock of perfectly fine quality outdoor gear.

If you are an outdoor brand or an outdoor retailer and have:

  • returned goods that are perfectly fine and are in great shape
  • repaired/recycled products that are in perfectly fine condition and can still be used
  • stock of perfectly fine gear that is “outdated” but in new or great condition you can list and sell those products and earn 80% of the listing price

If you are a distributor, agent, or sales rep of outdoor products and have:

  • stock of perfectly fine gear that is “outdated” but in new or great condition
  • samples of perfectly fine gear you can list and sell those products on and earn 80% of the listing price

If you are an outdoor product manufacturer and have:

  • overstock of perfectly fine outdoor gear
  • canceled products in perfectly fine condition
  • products with minor defects (need to state the defects clearly), but that function perfectly fine you can list and sell those products and earn 80% of the listing price

Our mission is to keep great gear from landfills, simple as that! No matter if the products are from a previous collection, samples, the “wrong” color, or a repaired product that is almost as new again, we want to get those products in peoples hands, to be used so that they can enjoy their time in nature at an affordable price.

How does "SERVICES" work?

If you have special expertise or are really good at something in the outdoor area you can offer your services to the Sharesson community for a fee.

What type of services can I offer?

Educational services like how to pack for a trip, gear knowledge, or touring guide, snow safety, etc. These services are just examples, and you are welcome to offer other outdoor services as well. Be sure to describe the skill/service properly so bookers can understand exactly what you are offering and how you can help them.

How it works

Sharesson does not hold any inventory, we are only the connecting point between businesses like you and customers, taking a small commission for each transaction.

All transactions are done on the Sharesson platform.

For every service below €15, Sharesson charges a flat fee of €3. For any service above €15, Sharesson charges a 20% commission.

Sharesson curates all partnering brands/retailers/agents/distributors, bringing onboard businesses that focus on quality and sustainability.

Partnering with Sharesson is easy and all is done through our platform

  1. Send in your request to partner
  2. When your request has been approved, you can register your profile and upload all product info.
  3. When a sale or rent is made, you pack the product and ship it to the buyer

How does pricing work?

You decide the pricing on each product and based on what you believe your value/time/service is worth.

There’s a future outside!

Here are some stats that prove it:

Outdoor Opportunity

The outdoor recreation industry is a $887B industry, with an annual revenue growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 6.9%. In 2025 there will be almost 1.4 billion outdoor users (Statista 2021)

Secondhand Opportunity

The Secondhand Market is set to hit $64B in the next 4 years. The online clothing RENTAL market is expected to reach $1.96 billion by 2023 (Statista 2021)

Resale Opportunity

Resale is expected to grow 5X over the next 4 years, while retail is projected to shrink. All retail clothing: -4% Traditional Thrift & Donation: + 34% Resale: + 414% ( GlobalData 2021)

Partner Request

Fill out the form below to become a Sharesson partner. We'll get back to you within 48h.