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All The Answers

Here are some of the most common questions we receive. Maybe you have the same?

How do I know I’ll get my money?

We have taken several measures to make the payments secure and to avoid fraud. We use PayPal and Stripe for purchases to ensure the payments are secure and that you can pay with most available cards.

When a buyer pays for a product, the amount is sent to Sharesson. The amount is held until the buyer confirms that the product has arrived. The amount is then released to the seller.

To make the transactions even more trustworthy, the seller has to give their bank details to Stripe upon seller registration. The reason is, of course, so that you as a seller, can receive your money. But it also means that any fraud attempt will be very easily tracked and reported to authorities. On top of these measures, there is a built-in rating and review system for both buyers and sellers to assure the highest standard for all connections. We want Sharesson to be a safe place for awesome outdoor people to connect. That’s why you are here, right?

How do I handle shipping costs?

You can allow both shipping and pick-up for your products. You specify the shipping cost under ”Delivery fee.” You can use the ”Additional items” field to add international shipping cost, and specify in your description where you can send your product to. For now, you have to look up your shipping cost yourself, but we will soon integrate that function here on Sharesson.

Who can buy?

Anybody around the world, who is in need of great outdoor products.

Who can sell?

Individuals, brands, retailers, distributors, agents, and sales reps.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast with:

- a garage/wardrobe/house full of unused, perfectly fine outdoor gear that collects dust you can list and sell those products and earn 80% of the listing price

If you are an outdoor brand or an outdoor retailer and have:

- returned goods that are perfectly fine and are in great shape

- repaired/recycled products that are in perfectly fine condition and can still be used

- stock of perfectly fine gear that is “outdated” but in new or great condition you can list and sell those products and earn 80% of the listing price

If you are a distributor, agent, or sales rep of outdoor products and have:

- stock of perfectly fine gear that is “outdated” but in new or great condition

- samples of perfectly fine gear you can list and sell those products on and earn 80% of the listing price

If you are an outdoor product manufacturer and have:

- overstock of perfectly fine outdoor gear

- canceled products in perfectly fine condition

- products with minor defects (need to state the defects clearly), but that function perfectly fine you can list and sell those products and earn 80% of the listing price

Our mission is to keep great gear from landfills, simple as that! No matter if the products are from a previous collection, samples, the “wrong” color, or a repaired product that is almost as new again, we want to get those products in peoples hands, to be used so that they can enjoy their time in nature at an affordable price.

Can I switch currency?

For now, there is only Euro (€), but we’ll soon add the option to switch to other currencies. You can convert your money here:

Do you have an App?

Yes, of course.

You can get the iOS app here.

You can get the Android app here.

How does "SERVICES" work?

If you have special expertise or are really good at something in the outdoor area you can offer your services to the Sharesson community for a fee.

What type of services can I offer?

- Personal trainer

- Running, biking, hiking, camping, surfing, fishing buddy, or whatever other sport/outdoor activity you might be great at and can teach someone else to do as well

- Outdoor chef, mushroom picking, berry picking, carving, etc

- Touring or ski guide

- Educational services like how to pack for a trip, or gear knowledge (you need to be able to provide proof of expertise)

These services are just examples, and you are welcome to offer other outdoor services as well.

Be sure to describe your skill properly so bookers can understand exactly what you are offering and how you can help them.

How does pricing work? 

You decide the pricing based n what you believe your value/time/service is worth.

For every service below €15, Sharesson charges a flat fee of €3. For any service above €15, Sharesson charges a 20% commission.

Maybe this section didn’t answer all your questions. Do you have any other questions or constructive feedback, please let us know HERE.