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- Have a clean background Keep it simple! Make sure that when you photograph your item, it is placed against a simple, preferably white background. A wall, a door, a clean floor. You want the focus to be on your item, not all the things around it. If you don’t have a white wall, a clean, ironed white sheet can work as a background or placed on the floor.

- Clear, crisp pictures - NO blur Make sure you check your photos before uploading them so that they are crisp and clear. It will be harder for you to share your items if people can’t see them clearly. Showing the details of your items can make a world of difference. Preferably show front, back, inside, and detail pictures. One should clearly see the design lines, the silhouette, and the state of the products.

-Mindfully presented items You want the viewer to see all of your items in the picture, so make sure you don’t crop out parts of the item. Take cropped pictures for details. When showing garments, you can also take pictures with the product on (with a clear background). This way, the buyer can see the product fit, length, etc.

-Nice, clean, and steamed/pressed It doesn’t matter how amazing your item is if it’s all wrinkly, dirty, or dusty. Ward off the wrinkles and dust of those items before taking your photo. -Show several angels Sharesson allows several photos per item so make sure you show the product from several angles to present it for the viewer better. Is there something interesting going on on the inside of your item, show it! Zoom in to best show that detail.

- Add pictures of any damages that the product has. Honesty is KEY! When you tell people the product flaw upfront, they can decide whether to buy it or not. You don’t want things returned because the buyer feels cheated. -Upload the pictures in the right layout. It’s hard to look at a portrait picture if it’s uploaded in layout format. Double-check that your pictures are uploaded in the correct layout.

- Any bad, blurry, dark pictures where one can’t clearly see the products, will severely decrease your chances of selling your product.


-Add a detailed description of the product: For what activity is the product for? Is it light, durable, etc? Brand, Model, Size, Color, Extra details, and features. Let’s take a jacket for example: Water repellent front zipper, 2 zippered hand pockets, adjustable hood, cuff adjustment with velcro, inner zippered pocket… If you have a hard time writing your product texts and want some inspiration, just take a look online at outdoor webshops and see how they describe the products there.

- Add a story of your best time with the product, or a fun story together with the product, or the best moment together with the product. -Be honest with the condition of the product.