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Hur det fungerar

How it works


1.Download the Sharesson app. Register and fill out your seller profile

2.List your outdoor products: take pictures of your gear, fill out the product description, story and details, and you’re ready to sell.

3.When an item is sold, you’ll receive all the information needed to send the product. Pack it neatly and mail it.

4.Receive payment. When the buyer has received the product, you will receive your payment via Stripe or PayPal.

Simple, straightforward, and transparent fee model:

It’s completely free to register and list your gear on Sharesson!

For every sale below €15, Sharesson charges a flat fee of €5. For any sale above €15, Sharesson charges a 12% commission per product.


1.Download the app or visit and find the products you are looking for. 

2.Register your profile and finish the purchase.

3.Receive the product and put it to use:) 

Sharesson does not hold any inventory of goods. We only act as a facilitator of the transaction.